An unforgettable Tour to Caño Island

AUTHOR: Tina Howitz

I had the opportunity to take a Caño Island tour. Since I was a little kid, I have loved swimming in the ocean and looking out for all the sea creatures. When I heard about the biological reserve Caño Island, I knew I had to go there. 

The tour started around 7 AM. My friends and I went into the agency to meet the rest of the group and get lifejackets and the snorkeling equipment. Around 30 minutes later, everybody was ready, and we all went to Uvita Beach, where our captain waited on our boat for the day. 

The way to Caño Island was beautiful; we even saw some dolphins. We stopped shortly to take some photos and enjoy these animals.

Caño Island Beach

After around an hour, we arrived at Caño Island. We put on the snorkeling equipment and jumped into the crystal-clear water. When I looked down, it felt like a dream. The corals on the ground, and many different types of fish swimming around them. Seeing all these colorful fishes living around the beautiful corals was magical. We spent around an hour snorkeling, and we even got to see turtles. Then we returned to the boat, where the crew gave us water, fresh pineapple, and watermelon. We continued the trip to a different spot around the island and jumped back into the water. We were lucky enough to see a shark and a ray swimming next to the colorful fishes this time.

The time flew by, and after around another hour, we had to go back onto the boat. Now it was time for lunch on the island. We ate our lunch on the beach before we went on a little, short trail that ended at a beautiful viewpoint. I would suggest everybody do the little hike up there. The view was incredible. The green island with the beautiful blue sea…you will feel like you are on a different planet. 

Caño Island tour
Caño Island Tour

Back down on the beach, we just relaxed before returning to the boat. With all these new memories and returning to Uvita Beach, everybody was tired. So when we arrived, we just relaxed the rest of the day on the beach and jumped into the sea when we needed refreshment. To finish the day, we watched the sunset and thought about all the new memories we had gained on that beautiful day.

Even when we were exhausted after this adventure, it was a day not to be forgetten.

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